'Solar World'

Amanda Jenkins from AJ Films asked me to DP this film for Peter Keil. This was a huge honor for me, Peter is regarded as one of the world's top car photographers and I have admired his work for many years.


This was not an ordinary car shoot. The Solar World GT car is circumnavigating the globe in a race, powered only by the sun.


We did not want to waste any power with multiple takes, and we had very little control over the car. Most shots were achieved on the fly, with only one take.


GT was our location scout and fortunately he directed the German crew to leave State Highway 1 and head through the Lindis Pass and into Queenstown. The scenery down here speaks for itself and I love shooting cars on these roads.


We had a tiny crew. I shot most of the job with my PDW-700 XDCAM in Full HD. I also set up Canon 5D2's as additional cameras, and had the camera assistants hit record on these extra lock off shots.


I worked closely with Editor Paul Wedel in Wellington and Visual Effects and Grading was handled by Miquel Ubeda in Auckland.


This was a really fun job, and I am proud of the result. I wish the team all the best for their travels around the world.
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