Annah Mac 'Celia'

Sony Music recently asked Director Darren Simmonds and myself to make a music promo for Annah Mac.

Darren wanted to keep the video looking fresh and vibrant, with a fun hand held feel. He wanted a quirky look with a lot of lens flairs, and a bit of a retro feel.


I decided to achieve this by using my Nikon lenses, shooting on my Sony EX3 with Letus lens adaptor and recording at a high bit rate to my NanoFlash.


I used Spencer Locke-Bonney as my Gaffer and the lighting setups were pretty straight forward. I lit Annah with beautiful soft light, and used every trick I had to flair out the lens!
My assistant Oliver Cross shot the band on the bicycle and playground shots with my Canon 5D Mark II, and also took these behind the scenes shots.


Edited by Paul Wedel in Wellington, graded by Andrew at ToyBox. Paul synced all of the clips using PluralEyes. It was a real time saver on set to not have to film a timecode reference each take.
Channel Four came along and made a small Behind the Scenes piece. The clip and Annah's album were just released this week, and already it's receiving very positive reviews.


Annah and the band were great to work with. It was another fun shoot in Auckland and I am proud of the look that we achieved on a very limited budget.
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