Young Lyre 'Cinema Smile'

Tanya Cathro from Fatboy Media Group asked me to DP this music video for Auckland based band Young Lyre.

Jordan Dodson was the Director. It was our first shoot together, and it came together nicely. Jordan wanted to capture the energy of the band hanging out together and having fun. I really liked his concept of a night shoot with the band, a bonfire and the fireworks. It felt natural, and fun to film and watch. The fireworks were great to shoot, and blowing up the tent reminded me of being back at Film School!


I had my choice of camera on this shoot, and I thought it would be a great test for the new Sony F3. I sourced the camera package from Gavin Stroud. The package consisted of the camera, a set of Zeiss CP2 primes and a NanoFlash. It was my first time shooting with the F3, and after a quick test I settled on a Cine Gamma Profile and decided to record at a very high bitrate to the NanoFlash (bypassing the cameras internal compression). I shot the whole video handheld, and although the camera was nice and light the ergonomics are terrible! It is not a shoulder friendly camera at all. I decided to pull my own focus for aesthetic reasons, and because we were moving very quickly in the dark, and shooting pretty much wide open. Despite all of the camera's design shortcomings, the image it produces in low light is quite remarkable. I lit by eye, left the meter in the case and was referring to my Sony PVM-740 HD Monitor to confirm my decisions - the camera was literally seeing into the dark!


Spencer Locke-Bonney was again my Auckland Gaffer of choice, and I kept the lighting very clean and simple, with just a few units coming out of his truck and using the bonfire and fireworks as one of my primary lighting sources. For the reflection shot of the fireworks in the window with the girl in the car I lit the girl with some subtle 'moon' light, and set off a small firework to fill in the shadows on her face and capture the reflection in the eyes. The firework reflection was augmented in post.


Everyone on the band and the crew was great to work with, and for me it was another really satisfying music video shoot.

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