I was the New Zealand DOP for the 2013 JR SKISKI series of commercials.


Mayumi Komatsu was the Director and Dynamite Productions line produced.


We filmed up at Cardrona and I used a very small crew who could all work from ski's. This enabled us to move rapidly and achieve the shoot day. We had a lot of material to film including background plates, snow elements, stunts with body doubles, overlay shots and all of the tracking skiing shots.


As a Skiing Cameraman I use a custom rig to assist with smooth filming while skiing. On this shoot I used a Red Epic and an Optimo 15-40mm lens.


It was a really great shoot and I was super happy to film it. Back in 2003 I camera assisted on the classic JR SKISKI Ostrich commercial. So it was very satisfying to work again for the company 10 years later.
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