Nike 6.0 Peetu Piiroinen

I recently received a call from Chris Kirkham at NZ Greenroom Productions. Chris very kindly put me forward to Shoot and Direct a Nike 6.0 spot for Phil Young at Urb-Orbis in London.


The concept of the spot was "Lone Man on Mountain". The backbone of the spot is made up with a very slow jib up his body (showing the Nike 6.0 product) as other riders talk about Peetu's skills in the voice over. Peetu is famous for being very softly spoken. He is quiet and does not boast about his talent at all, he just gets on with the job at hand. So in the spot, Peetu does what he does best, and other riders do the talking for him.


We decided to shoot at Snow Park as we wanted to take advantage of the golden hour light at dusk. The pipe was closed to the public, shaped and we had Sam Lee on a Skidoo to reset Peetu and move equipment.


The concept called for a slow motion, shallow depth of field look. To achieve this I decided to use my Sony PMW-EX3 with Letus Lens Adaptor. This allowed me to use my beautiful Nikon Prime Lenses. I used a Cine Gamma Profile that makes the images look really nice, and gives some room in post for the colour grade. I also added a NanoFlash to the camera. The NanoFlash is a fantastic box of tricks that allowed me to record at 4:2:2 220mbs 720 50P. So we were capturing everything in the highest possible quality and colourspace at 50 frames per second.


A bit of shooting was done on my Canon 5D2. I used it for the timelapses and for a couple of the shots of Peetu. It cuts in nicely with the main camera, even with the reduced colourspace. I used the same Nikon lenses on the Canon camera.


My Grip Josh Dunn helped me out on the mountain with a Panther Mini Jib from Chief Grips. The Jib was excellent. Fast and easy to set up and the movements were very smooth.


The only other bit of grip gear that we had was a ladder. It made for some great shots!

It was a great spot, put together quickly with a small crew and I really enjoyed shooting it.
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